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UISP (Italian Union of Sport For All) is the Sports Promotion Agency that aims to extend the right to sport to all citizens. Sport for all is something that affects health, quality of life, education and sociability. As such it is worthy of recognition and public protection. The Territorial Committee UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso unites 16,000 people, and 130 affiliated sports clubs, present throughout the territory north of Turin: Ciriè, Lanzo, Robassomero, Borgaro, Leinì, Volpiano, Settimo, Brandizzo, Chivasso, for a total about 50 municipalities. 

International projects are carried out with partner associations in France, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal and Greece. The most recent project funded by the European Commission is SPRINT (Sport for Inclusion and Tolerance), that aims to analyze the participation in sports of children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as children with disabilities or those who live in institutes throughout Europe


Our proposal PACE was selected by the european commission!

The project PACE - Physical Activity Enhancement - application was successful, and it will start in january. The first kick-off meeting will be held in Turin, in February.


[RE]ENTER Project Kick-off meeting

The 2018/2019 sports season, although only a few months ago, is proving to be very rich in initiatives and projects for our Committee, especially in Europe with several projects that see the Committee both as leader and as a leader. partner. Last week, for example, from Monday 26 to Thursday 29 November, the Director Roberto Rinaldi and the International Project Manager Francesca Di Feo went to the Greek capital to discuss the guidelines for the RE [ENTER] project. Just like SPIRITS, which we talked about earlier, RE [ENTER] also involves adults doing voluntary work inside prisons


SPIRITS Kick-off meeting

The 29th, 30th and 31th of October, UISP Territorial Committee Ciriè Settimo Chivasso and four other partners, UISP Alessandria, the Association Sport For All Suceava from Romania, the association Courage Foundation from Bulgaria, the Freedom Gate Greece from Greece, took part in the kick-off meeting – held at the Atlantic Hotel in Borgaro Torinese – SPIRITS.


Our projects

SPIRITS - Skills Improvement of Prison Inmate Through Sport Education
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ARIES - Against Racism through Sport
IRISES - International Roma Integration Through Stakeholders Exchange of Successful Practices
IRIS - Roma Integration through Sport
SPRINT - Sport for Inclusion and tolerance
SAVE - Sport Against Violenge in Europe
Our projects
PACE - Physical Activity Enhancemet
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